ready2order combines all necessary components in one: The 6 inch tablet incl. receipt printer and pre-installed software is equipped with a mobile phone unit and an M2M SIM card from A1, thus ensuring easy start-up in less than a minute. The data tariff is already included in the service fee and does not incur any additional costs.

ready2order All-in-One: The Simplest Cash Register

The online cash register replaces classic cash register systems and expensive maintenance
contracts. The concept behind ready2order is very simple and yet well thought out: Products or
services are entered once via a password-protected website and provided with prices and tax
rates. These products can then be receipted via the ready2order All-In-One cash register. The
receipt is printed directly from the integrated printer and can be handed over to the customer

ready2order is also available as an app for existing Android, iOS and Windows 10 tablets or
smartphones with data connection. Here, the receipt is sent to a receipt printer via Bluetooth and
printed there. All data is stored encrypted and tamper-proof and can be restored at any time for
the customer with user name and password, even if the input device becomes defective.

New legal requirements are simply implemented centrally for all ready2order customers and are
thus immediately available – expensive maintenance effort is thus completely eliminated and
backups are made continuously and completely automatically.

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