Clymates is an agency specialising in change and transformation with a focus on environmental, social & governance (ESG) and innovation. We are based in Vienna, in 2022 once again named the world’s most livable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Everything a company needs in one platform

Not even 20% of employees know what their company is currently doing in the area of environmental, social and governance (ESG). The reason: communication that does not move people. Formats that do not engage. Content that does not inspire. The result: ESG transformation is slow. Clymates offers a individual solutions which aims to change that. After a pilot phase, not only were the first customers signed up, but partner inquiries began to accumulate. More and more SMEs wanted to sell Jolioo in their own stores. Meanwhile there are more than 60 partners Jolioo is characterized by its seamless user experience.

Everything a company needs in one platform:

With multiple choice quizzes that are directly linked to existing sources such as Internet and intranet pages, presentations or videos, one can impart important knowledge to employees in a
playful way.

Whether idea competitions, take action challenges or geo-caching events. With the versatile challenge feature of the app, one can draw employees into topics in an exciting and entertaining way and motivate
them to think and participate.

All formats and activities in the app can be enriched with fully automated gamification elements. Whether it’s collecting points, climbing the leaderboard, earning statuses and badges, or taking part in prize draws and competitions.

And much more
One can use the app for live voting at events or to gather valuable feedback. In addition, photos, videos and other files including compliance confirmations can be captured and submitted via the app.

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