Cycling is the latest trend – it is climate-friendly, healthy and you can get from A to B quickly, especially in cities. With EDDI Bike, using a bike is now also worry-free. The Startup’s all-in subscription makes it possible to ride a bike without having to deal with the “classic problems” of maintenance, repair (within 48 hours) or replacement in the event of theft.

Use instead of own

Using instead of owning is the new trend in all industries. EDDI Bike is now establishing this trend in urban cycling, which is constantly on the rise: The number of cyclists:inside in Austria has grown by around 40% since 2017.

The founding team wants to change the future of urban mobility with their start up. “Currently, the bicycle does not yet have a (fixed) place in the everyday life of many people. Acquisition costs, the maintenance effort or the fear of theft are often reasons why the bicycle is not used. We solve this problem with the novel EDDI subscription model and make cycling as uncomplicated and easy as possible”, the three founders CEO Stephan Ziegler, Philipp Eder and Bastian Kleindienst explain their motivation.

From Vienna to Grazโ€ฆand further into the DACH region and the B2B segment EDDI Bike was launched in Vienna in 2021, and is currently “EDDI goes Graz” with its own store at Jakoministrasse 7. The all-in subscription is concluded in just a few steps, with monthly or annual subscriptions available. The high-quality urban bike in black & white design can then be picked up or delivered. The package also includes an all-round service – from repair to replacement in the event of theft. In the event of damage, EDDI makes its customers mobile again within 48 hours. If bicycles break down, they are not simply disposed of, but repaired and reused.

Further cities are already being planned, and the range of urban means of transport is also to be expanded – e.g. with e-bikes or e-scooters. In addition to private customers, the founding team also wants to further expand their B2B business.

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