Through distance learning, e-learning and home schooling, digitalisation has also arrived in school life and has experienced an additional acceleration. Even if classic textbooks cannot be replaced, there are enough learning aids on a digital basis that allow students a more carefree learning life.

Learning on the go and made fun!

A1 start-up eSquirrel began developing educational software years before the pandemic. This enables students to learn on their smartphone or tablet in a way that is motivated by gamification, in line with their textbooks. This represents real added value in the field of digital education, because a PDF is still a long way from being a digital aid or learning aid, and a YouTube video is not automatically suitable teaching material.

“Anything you can do on a smartphone, you’d rather do on a smartphone than on a computer. This is where we come in to bring valuable learning content to students on the go and even offline, says Dr. Michael Maurer, CEO and CO-Founder of eSquirrel.

The certified learning app from eSquirrel

Almost all students have an affinity for their smartphones. eSquirrel takes advantage of this and motivates them to practice learning content from their textbooks in a playful way using the app. The practical aspect is that the app covers all common textbooks in the major and minor subjects, from mathematics and Latin to physics, biology, history, and so on. These include works such as “Durchstarten Englisch” (Veritas), “Genial! Mathematik” (Bildungsverlag Lemberger) or “Prime Time” (Γ–BV). The app includes 350,000 exercises with solutions and explanatory videos for all subject areas, school and age levels from 2nd grade elementary school to upper secondary school. For all high school graduates, there is even a special Matura preparation in mathematics.

2022 eSquirrel was awarded the seal of approval for learning apps by the German Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. The seal of approval is intended to provide teachers, students and guardians with guidance and assistance in selecting innovative products that are already on the market. eSquirrel can be tested free of charge. For example, courses such as “Internet simply explained” from A1, “Digital basic education” or courses from the Red Cross are available completely free of charge.

Adaptive Learning and Learning Analytics

Adaptive learning and learning analytics can be used to identify areas in which students still have weaknesses or have already mastered. Digital learning aids can motivate repetition and create learning incentives through gamification. But digitization is not an end in itself. It is extremely important that it takes into account the social situation of the learners. An app can send as many notifications to repeat content as it likes – if it doesn’t map learning in the social group.

Blended learning has created a platform that combines e-learning and face-to-face instruction in a meaningful and fundamental way. Learners receive digital learning material on existing textbooks or custom-made learning materials on their smartphones. Gamification elements increase motivation and strengthen self-directed learning. Teachers maintain an overview of learning progress. They can quickly evaluate what the strengths and weaknesses of the students are and adapt the lessons accordingly.

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