A1 Telekom Austria Group: Austrian Subsidiary A1 to Acquire Majority of Analytics Start-Up “Invenium”

Strategic Investment to Emphasize Important Development of European Data Economy.

”As A1 Telekom Austria Group, we are committed to innovation as a strategic cornerstone and set a variety of priorities in the areas of research and development. Our collaboration with the Styrian start-up Invenium is a good example of the use of innovative technologies from Austria and the successful expansion of an extensive digital ecosystem together with our partners from business and science. The resulting product “A1 Mobility Insights” has already proven helpful in the Corona crisis management and can now also compete with the world’s largest providers by joining the HERE Marketplace. This cooperation is thus also a successful example of the important development of a European data economy”, says Thomas Arnoldner, CEO A1 Telekom Austria Group.

Michael Cik, Founder and CSO of Invenium: “The entry of the A1 Telekom Austria Group in 2017, as well as the increase in the stake, are proof that we recognized a “need” at an early stage with the analysis of movement data and over the past few years have been on the right track. The closer cooperation between the two companies gives us the opportunity to think even bigger and to carry out technological and organizational corporate developments even more effectively and efficiently even on an international level. I look forward to the intensive exchange and to the future of “A1 Mobility Insights” with full confidence.”

Styrian start-up Invenium is a pioneer in the field of digital mobility analyzes.

Invenium is a start-up that emerged from a spin-off from Technical University Graz and the Graz Know-Center. Invenium has been a member of the “A1 Start Up Campus” since 2017, which supports young companies in realizing innovations by providing know-how and infrastructure. With the takeover of the majority of Invenium, A1 is expanding the area of​​movement data analysis and, with “A1 Mobility Insights”, is offering a commercial product based on the TUEV-tested (TUEV: technical supervisory association) and data protection compliant platform.

Know-Center: Research and education for data-driven business.

As a leading European research center for data-driven business and artificial intelligence, the Know-Center offers companies the opportunity to participate with investments and thus push technological disruptions and innovations that are often not easy to implement in the classic corporate environment. In this way, competencies from science, politics and business are brought together and an ideal starting point for successful start-ups is created.

“A1 Mobility Insights”: Where do my customers come from?

In many areas of business and community life, the question of the geographical origin of guests, customers or commuters is playing an increasingly central role. For example, it is exciting for tourism experts to know which guests visit sights in which order and at which times.

Cities and municipalities also need deep insights into the mobility behavior of their citizens for transportation planning. With “A1 Mobility Insights”, A1 provides a dashboard that can answer these questions. Anonymized and pseudonymized data from A1’s mobile network is accumulated and analyzed. By design, it is not possible to draw any conclusions about individual persons.

With the recently announced participation in the HERE Marketplace, A1 Telekom Austria Group offers anonymized and aggregated motion analysis also via international platforms.

As a company of A1 Telekom Austria Group, Invenium is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data protection and information security and takes extensive measures to ensure the security of customers’ data. The movement analyses of “A1 Mobility Insights” are TUEV certified and GDPR compliant.

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