With their start-up ITjobsaustria, a novel job platform concept, the two founders Mario Rosin and Raphael Huber want to counteract the Europe-wide shortage of skilled workers. According to the WKO, there is already a shortage of 10,000 IT specialists in Austria and a gap of one million missing IT jobs is already expected across Europe in 2020.

Exclusively for IT specialists

Styrian Mario Rosin, an entrepreneur in the IT industry for 20 years, knows the needs of IT professionals and is convinced that this target group cannot be optimally served by conventional job portals. “Programmers tick differently, in principle they are change-willing which concerns their job, need however different and more detailed information, if they look for better job offers”, explain Rosin, Co-Founder ITjobsaustria, the motivation for the new portal.

For this reason, ITjobsaustria is geared towards the specific needs of IT professionals. “IT professionals can currently choose between many offers on the job market. They want to know at first glance which company is looking, which tools and DevOps they will be working with, whether they will be sitting in an open-plan office or which working time models are possible,” Mario Rosin provides insights.

Higher levels of transparency and more detailed information

ITjobsaustria also requires a change in thinking and new opportunities for companies. A higher level of transparency and more detailed information increase the attractiveness of employers in the IT sector. “Companies will have to invest more and more in their employer branding in order to be attractive to potential employees. In the IT sector, this challenge is particularly great and our portal can make a significant contribution here. We have found an ideal partner in A1, which is now offering its IT jobs via our platform,” says Raphael Huber (34), co-founder of ITjobsaustria, who is based in Salzburg. A1 has currently been named the “most popular employer in the telecommunications industry” at the Trendence Awards and is the runner-up in the category “most popular employer for technology students”

What distinguishes ITjobsaustria from other providers?

ITjobsaustria has defined a total of 14 categories tailored to IT professionals – the advertising company decides for itself how much data it wants to publish. The programmer sees the completeness of the information at first glance. The structured data of an advertised position makes the job ads directly comparable with each other. If no ideal position is currently open for a programmer who is willing to change jobs, the search agent of automatically notifies the user by e-mail of new, suitable offers. Covert job offers from personnel service providers are not in the interests of IT specialists and are therefore not possible on the platform. ITjobsaustria is currently free of charge.

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