Jolioo delivers all the modules companies need for their marketing activities. The automation options range from social media communication and SMS reminders to sales and customer service.

Working with A1 business customer base

In May, the A1 Start Up Campus welcomed Jolioo as a new member. The complete marketing solution with focus on SMEs and municipalities is considered one of the most promising solutions in the marketing tool area. After a lively exchange between the Campus and Jolioo it became clear that both sides could benefit from a revenue share model. As a result, the SBS sales team, in particular, decided to target the A1 Audience with the new Jolioo product.

After a pilot phase, not only were the first customers signed up, but partner inquiries began to accumulate. More and more SMEs wanted to sell Jolioo in their own stores. Meanwhile there are more than 60 partners Jolioo is characterized by its seamless user experience.

It combines different marketing actions through an easy to understand interface. The modern CRM solution enables SME’s, municipalities and whole regions not only to remain competitive through an advanced online presence, but also enables the companies to have a better exchange between them and their customers. With measures such as an online customer card, bonus points (alla JΓΆ) Jolioo increases the customer retention rate. The goal of the A1 Start Up Campus has always been to bring innovation to A1 and thus expand A1’s portfolio. Successful case studies, such as Jolioo, not only show the added value that cooperation with start-ups brings internally, but also have a positive external impact and attract new start-ups.

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