From Bicycle Mobility to Autonomous Supermarkets

JUHUU is a startup based in Lower Austria that recognized the need for secure storage of bicycles, especially for high-value bikes. Therefore, they introduced JUHUU BikeBoxes in 2021, which offer theft-proof and weather-resistant storage for bicycles.


The BikeBox, made from powder-coated steel produced with Austrian expertise, is found at locations such as train stations, P&R facilities, shopping centers, and residential areas where cyclists frequent and secure bike storage is essential. The integrated IoT module makes the system autonomous, and payment and control are managed through the app. The user interface and control unit can be customized for each customer’s specific needs, and open interfaces ensure compatibility with other platforms.


The JUHUU app is at the heart of their ecosystem, serving as a booking and management platform available for download on popular app stores. It allows integration of external products like digital payment methods for real bike boxes and includes operator-specific features and user interfaces. In-app purchases are expected to increase by about 76% by 2026, providing cost savings for service providers and enhancing visibility. Current use cases for the app include BikeBoxes, BikeLoops (app-controlled short-term bike locks), digital bike storage, bike washing facilities, and future integration with vending machines and autonomous supermarkets, extending the reach of digitalization into everyday life with smart bike parking.

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