“In my role as a mathematician and owner of Lernquadrat sites, I have been able to observe the problems children and young people face in this subject. I am convinced that MatheHero can support them in a comprehensive preparation for the Matura. With A1 as a strong partner, we will also succeed in taking the necessary steps to establish MatheHero as a permanent learning support,” says Franz Trawniczek, founder of Education Lab GmbH, about the cooperation with A1.

How does MatheHero work?

Training mode and Central Matura simulation in real time. The “MatheHero” app, which is divided into ten knowledge areas, contains all the previous original Central Matura questions. In training mode, students can access over 1,000 questions and receive immediate feedback on whether a task has been solved correctly or incorrectly, as well as personal statistics on strengths and weaknesses in the subject areas. Unlike other offers on the market, not only the result is displayed, but also the solution path including a detailed explanation.

MathHero saves these results and points out to the students the subject areas that can be improved until they are mastered. The answers are rearranged each time they are called up so that the answer sequence cannot be memorized. In the real-time Matura simulation, the student does not receive immediate feedback after each question, but rather an overall summary of personal performance at the end.

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