Lack of knowledge regarding emergency situations, a lack of first-aid knowledge, or longer waiting times for rescue operations often lead to critical situations in emergencies. In situations where every second literally determines life and death and rapid first-aid measures must be initiated, the Vienna-based technology startup myResQ provides revolutionary support in these emergency situations.

Smart glasses

By using user-friendly smart glasses, first responders on the scene are able to quickly initiate measures with guidance from an automatically connected emergency control center, obtain crucial information, and even save lives. Communication with the control center works in both directions, meaning that first responders can simultaneously transmit important information to the control center, and the control center can assess the situation even more effectively.

About myResQ

The team consists of competent experts with medical and technical know-how – doctors, software developers, lawyers, creatives – and strives to use the latest technologies (augmented reality + AI) to drive digital transformation in the healthcare sector and thus contribute to improving medical emergencies.

Possible deployment locations include public and private premises where the ready-to-use, power-supplied retrieval box (containing a case with smart glasses) can be well-placed. These locations may include near first-aid cabinets and defibrillators, for example, in offices, nursing homes, residential complexes, sports and educational institutions, hotels, industry, and in the future, as part of vehicle equipment and in public transportation. By systematically developing new markets on the basis of existing core competencies, the vision is to roll out the glasses across the board in Austria and consequently in the DACH region and later in the EU and the USA.

β€œWith the A1 Group, we have deliberately chosen a leading technology company because digitalization is a core competence here, defi cells are already ideal locations for our smart glasses and we feel we are in good hands at the A1 Start-up Campus,” explains Dr. med.univ. Schahrouz Kakavand, founder & CEO myResQ, about the partnership.

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