With more than 15,000 vehicles in more than 15 cities globally, NECTURE (formerly Ubiq) is one of the most successful start-ups that started their journey from Vienna.

“We are confident that with our products and our services we can play a crucial role in accelerating EV adoption.”

NECTURE empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of fleets, seamlessly bridging the gap between mobility and energy. Combining human-driven information with data-driven intelligence, NECTURE provides tailored solutions that optimize operations, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability goals. Necture’s AI-driven technology platform offers advanced data analytics, automation, and user experience for efficient fleet management. Going beyond mere intelligence, NECTURE translates data into real-world actions, minimizing environmental impact and driving a cleaner, greener future. NECTURE is building a world where electric fleets are not only possible, but thrive.

NECTURE, formerly Ubiq, was founded in Vienna by Christian Adelsberger. The idea, at the time, was to provide a software solution that would make parking in congested cities much easier and while the software did do its job well, it also uncovered a much bigger problem that needed solving – the inefficiencies of shared mobility and corporate fleets. NECTURE is the enabler for efficient and climate-friendly fleets.

StreetCrowd Community driving NECTURE’s success.

Knowing where demand is highest offers benefits for customers and fleet operators: on the one hand, vehicles are more readily available for users, and on the other, operators’ fleets are better utilised, increasing revenue by around 20%- 50%. For optimising the utilisation potential of EV fleets: StreetCrowd. The NECTURE platform provides fleet operators with insights into demand in their city and vehicle task recommendations on how to improve fleet availability and utilisation. However, for these insights and recommendations to have an impact on revenue, the recommended vehicle tasks must be performed by a service team. That’s where NECTURE’s StreetCrowd comes in.
The StreetCrowd platform matches the recommended vehicle tasks with the StreetCrowd community platform – members are completing recommended vehicle tasks, such as moving, charging, and pulling from charging stations – all community members contribute to a sustainable ecosystem.

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