In a modern and decentralized business world, the efficient use of resources is one of the most important factors for scalable embedded software development. The most important milestone in achieving this goal is the full use of hardware resources for every developer in a company, no matter where the location is. If this is not possible, there will be additional costs and delays in the production and delivery of the product. This can lead to loss of competitiveness and even orders.

With the new app by Sleeve, it is now possible to remove such limitations to efficiently utilize hardware resources and gain fully automated, unrestricted hardware access – globally. This enables companies to significantly reduce hardware costs, software development costs and production delays.

But how does Sleeve work?

“Sleeve is a sophisticated service for remote software development, testing and deployment on embedded hardware. Sleeve is designed to reduce development time, increase availability, and provide scalability of development and operations regardless of project or company size. With Sleeve, our customers can increase team efficiency by up to 50% with the same hardware resources. By using Sleeve, they can reduce embedded hardware spend by 50%,” said Emir Causevic, CEO and founder of Sleeve, explaining the benefits of the app.

Sleeve is offered as a flexible plug-and-play platform that ensures gradual growth of functionalities and services. This ensures that the platform can be adapted to the needs of the individual customer in a short time.

Embedded Software as a complex challenge

An internal company market study revealed that the increasing complexity of embedded software requires automated continuous integration and deployment. This also requires larger development teams, which are usually not based in the same location.

  • Around 70% of companies operate in a multi-site environment
  • Over 53% of respondents do not have efficient remote access to their hardware
  • About 50% have no or very little automation in their development and test pipelines
  • Logistical access to hardware is one of the most common problems in day-to-day operations

Market advantages over the competition

The Sleeve solution is unique in the market as it enables the entire development, test and deployment cycle without compromise and without special hardware or software. It is independent of the environment the customer uses in their daily work. Compared to competitors, this has extreme advantages for Sleeve customers:

  • Very short installation time
  • No additional costs for additional hardware
  • No restrictions due to the constraint of using a specific software solution
  • The learning curve is very low, as the customer continues to use his familiar environment

Sleeve was founded in October 2021 by Emir Causevic and Irmin Okic. Sleeve is an international team of four people based in Vienna (Austria), Barcelona (Spain) and Tuzla (BiH). The founding team formed during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the need for remote and automated access to devices running embedded software increased dramatically. The team quickly realized the problem of accessing embedded hardware remotely, however, was not only caused by the pandemic, but was also one of the main issues preventing embedded software development from efficiently moving into agile and test-driven development. At that time, Sleeve received funding from the Vienna Business Agency and entered into a cooperation with Infineon Technologies AG as well as A1 Digital.

The Sleeve team is made up of people from industries involved in embedded software development, such as automotive, IoT, etc., as well as people with extensive knowledge of cloud computing and continuous integration and deployment. The fusion of knowledge from these two areas results in a perfect set-up for creating an all-in-one system for remote software development, testing and deployment on embedded hardware. Sleeve also partners with A1 Digital, a subsidiary of A1 Telekom Austria Group, in the area of security. Because Sleeve is ultimately an infrastructure solution, there are security challenges that need to be addressed once a customer decides to use Sleeve on their own infrastructure. Together with A1 Digital, an infrastructure security assessment can be offered and customers will be advised on best practices for the secure integration of Sleeve services into their infrastructure.

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