Warrify has been implemented in all A1 shops as a SaaS solution since October 2022 and is available to every customer. Customers scan a QR code and their invoice is automatically saved in the app. That means: no more paper!

Warrify turns the receipt into a digital customer touchpoint

“With warrify, we offer all A1 store customers real added value: the receipts for the new smartphone or an accessory can be saved directly in the web app and are thus immediately available at any time, should they ever be needed. We are thus digitizing another area of our A1 customers’ lives,” says Natascha Kantauer-Gansch, A1 CCO Consumer.

Without having to download an app, A1 store customers can now simply transfer their purchase receipts to the warrify web app using a QR code, saving them the hassle of searching for or picking up paper invoices.

With warrify, co-founder and CEO Enzo Duit solves a problem that affects retailers and customers alike: on the one hand, customers often no longer have the receipts of a device they bought from a retailer at hand in case of warranty claims or product questions; on the other hand, retailers often know very little, especially about walk-in customers. With warrify, the customer stores their proof of purchase via QR code centrally in a web app and thus always has access to warranty services or other important data. In return, the dealer can target customers with suitable services and thus offer services such as warranty extensions or discounts on successor models without having to set up a loyalty program.

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