WISCH’N! is an Austrian start-up which offers a SaaS solution for brick-and mortar, retail and ecommerce to create purchase decisions tailored to customer needs by means of multidimensional decision-making aids.

Customers have very clear ideas regarding the support of their purchase decisions: Around 73% of customers expect companies to understand their individual needs and expectations. 88% of respondents say that the experience a company offers at the POS is just as important as its product or service. 68% of customers have purchased products in new ways in the past two years. 61% of consumers agree with companies that use relevant, personal information in a transparent way that benefits them.

How WISH’N! works.

And the reality? Unfortunately, it often looks different. This is where WISCH’N! comes in: it uses familiar interaction patterns, paired with emotionally charged image content and Big Data. In this way, the end consumer is playfully led to personal product recommendations instead of being exposed to an advertising bombardment. Additionally, they can actively interact with a brand and its products instead of passively consuming advertising messages that have little relevance. A win-win situation for both sides: better leads, more satisfied customers and more sales.

Fritz Limbeck, Co-Founder of WISCH’N!: “My co-founders and I have set ourselves the goal of establishing WISCH’N! as a digital sales and marketing tool that analyses small amounts of data. In detail, the platform solution thereby moves in the disruptive area of cloud computing and is thus a software-as-a-service solution.” Limbeck continues, “We have joined forces to realise our common vision – to quickly relieve users of everyday decisions and optimise the portfolio of operations. Our team consists of a balanced mix of technicians, creatives and account managers with a lot of commitment and heart and soul.”

The responsive web app offers users a gamified way to help them make better product purchase decisions, while also creating a user value profile. Partner companies receive the collected data anonymously in order to better understand the user behaviour of their customers and to generate new product developments and offer optimisations. The platform is made available to partner companies for a monthly fee. The fee depends on the number of users and integrated products.

The WISCH’N gift advisor

Under the motto “WISCH’N! instead of waiting!”, the A1 Gift Advisor from WISCH’N! played out discount codes in over 64 A1 shops to get people in the mood for Christmas. By scanning the QR code from the screens in the A1 Shop or directly from the printed waiting ticket, A1 Shop visitors can go directly to the WISCH’N! website and swipe through various images. These swipe decisions are evaluated in real time and lead users directly to a product recommendation including discount codes.

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