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A1 Start Up Campus is working closely with industry leading edutechs.

Through distance learning, e-learning and home schooling, digitalization has also arrived in school life and has experienced an additional acceleration. Even if classic textbooks cannot be replaced, there are enough learning aids on a digital basis that allow students a more carefree learning life.

A1 start-up eSquirrel began developing educational software years before the pandemic. This enables students to learn on their smartphone or tablet in a way that is motivated by gamification, in line with their textbooks. This represents real added value in the field of digital education, because a PDF is still a long way from being a digital aid or learning aid, and a YouTube video is not automatically suitable teaching material.

MatheHero prepares students in the best possible way for Part 1 of the Austrian Central Matura. Students can select material from 10 knowledge areas and solve over 1,000 new questions from the entire upper school material. Afterwards, they can check their knowledge in simulation mode in real time or in the archive with all Central Matura examples from previous years.